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Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business Research (JCIBR) is an open access international publishing system of top-notch research related services around global village, owned by International scholars. JCIBR follows an open access publication model, and published in the English language. JCIBR is a multi-disciplinary journal, welcome both theoretical & empirical manuscripts, and provides the platform for the researchers to publish their research ranging from all areas of Social, business and management sciences, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, HRM, Information Technology (IT) and many others related fields.

It creates the avenue for scientists, scholars, researchers, learned societies, universities, professional bodies and research institutions involved in their different fields of learning or all streams of research for promoting, presenting, analyzing and reporting reliably, discussing and publish high quality academic research related to past, current and future research issues in multi-disciplinary or all fields of human disciplines which can contribute to knowledge all over the world. JCIBR is to promote the understanding of managers and organizations within and across nations. It is also directed towards academics, policy makers and practitioners in business and non-profit organizations.

The peer-review process will be considered critical by JCIBR to establishing a reliable body of research and knowledge. In line with JCIBR editorial practice, upon receiving of a submitted manuscript, the editor(s) will determines whether to reject the submission outright or begin the process of peer review. In the latter case, the submission will become subject to anonymous peer-review by scholars. The editor(s) will be used the reviewers' opinions in determining whether to publish the article, return it to the author(s) for revision, or to reject it. JCIBR will be approached to the accepted article’s author(s) for further consideration about editing, formatting and fees (if applicable) before they are published. Typically, an accepted manuscript is published online immediately based on fulfillment of all terms and conditions.

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