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Table of Contents: Vol. 2, Issue No. 3, May 2013 Table of Contents: Vol. 2, Issue No. 3, May 2013

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Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

Author(s): Kamal Naser and Yousef Hassan

Abstract: This paper aims to measure the extent of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its determinates by non-financial companies listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The study employs content analysis of the annual reports to measure the extent of CSR disclosure in Abu Dhabi Companies. In addition, the study adopts multiple regression analysis to identify factors influencing the extent of corporate social responsibility disclosure. The findings reveal that the level of CSR disclosure by companies listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is low with an average of 34 %, indicating that such disclosure is still not of a primary concern to these companies. The results also suggest that the extent of CSR disclosure is influenced by corporate size, industry and profitability. The paper is limited by the subjectivity of content analysis as well as it considers CSR disclosure for only one year. This study has public policy implications for the decision makers in the UAE as well as a number of other Arab and Middle East countries. This paper adds to the limited CSR literature in Arab and Middle East countries in general and the United Arab Emirates in particular. This paper not only examines the extent and determinants of corporate social disclosure but also attempts to theorize such disclosure.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility; Content analysis; Abu Dhabi

[Compelete Article-pdf]   [pp: 56-74]   Article first published online: April 2013

Retention of Mobile (Cell) Phone Subscribers of Millicom Ghana Limited (TIGO) In Adabraka-Accra, Ghana

Author(s): Wilson Edzorna Dzisah

Abstract: This study was carried out to examine the issues of customer retention within the Cell or Mobile phone sector of the Telecommunications in Ghana with a focus on Millicom Ghana Limited (Tigo). The study captured the review of similar studies that other researchers, institutions etc have conducted in the topic area. Generally, the study has shown that, effective customer service influences customer satisfaction positively and directs customer behavioural intentions which culminate in their loyalty hence retention. The study outlined the methods employed to do this study. It explained how the sample was selected and data gathered from the two data sources. The data collected was presented and analyzed. The major variables discussed were customer service, customer satisfaction and customer retention. The study found out that mobile phone users consider the overall service value offered them. Also, it was found that customers are influenced by the reliability of the service operator which tends to shape their behavioural intentions of a mobile service operator hence loyalty and retention.

Keywords: Customer service; Customer satisfaction; Behavioural intentions; and Customer retention

[Compelete Article-pdf]   [pp: 75-88]   Article first published online: April 2013

Is There Really Any Impact of Trade Openness, FDI Inflows And Exports on the Economy Growth?

Author(s): Hafiz Muhammad Hamid

Abstract: Present study explored the impact of Pakistan exports to OECD on GDP among some other selected explanatory variables namely: trade openness, FDI inflows, and Pakistan total exports. Time series data has been used for the period of thirty-eight 1975-2012. Data analysis software namely: SPSS-16 and E-View 7 have been used to analyze the data. Multiple regression model have also be used to explore the impact of selected explanatory variables on economic growth of Pakistan. Results of multiple regression model revealed that 98% of the variation in the GDP is explained by the Coefficient of regressions. Further PETOECD and TO are positive correlated with GDP, and FDII and PTE are negative correlated with GDP.

Keywords: Trade Openness; FDI Inflows; Exports; Economic Growth.

[Compelete Article-pdf]   [pp: 89-96]   Article first published online: April 2013

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